It’s not unusual to see bettas, which are sometimes generally known as Siamese combating fish swimming alone in stunning vases. The betta is called after the “Bettah,” a warrior tribe that existed in historic instances. In the mid-1800s, fish battling grew to become a preferred passion, and the betta earned a family identify because of this. In reality, the game was so widespread in Thailand beneath the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej that he instituted laws and levied taxes on it!

Audiences current in tournaments staked their cash on whether or not or not a fish would die, reasonably than which particular person would win.

Southeast Asia is the place the betta was initially discovered. Rice fields, drainage ditches, and the nice and cozy floodplains of the realm grew to become the betta’s habitat, permitting it to resist frequent storm floods and devastating droughts. The fish’s capability to adapt was aided by the atmosphere’s cyclic and extreme fluctuations, which allowed it to turn out to be an actual labyrinth fish. If you additionally want to purchase a betta fish and to maintain it as your pet, take a look at

With the assistance of gills, it might probably gather oxygen from the air. So, bettas and different labyrinth fish are capable of breathe and exist for temporary intervals of time with out water. In this text, we’ll go over why bettas are an awesome pet for brand spanking new pet house owners.

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Despite their little stature (simply 3 inches lengthy), these fish are bursting with character. Sulking, they scurry round their tank, peering into each a part of the tank. They would wag their tail in anticipation if you get shut sufficient to pet him within the aquarium.


A lot of pet shops, aquarium golf equipment, on-line public sale websites, and even the big-box pet shops inventory colourful Bettas in a variety of patterns and colours.


Large tanks aren’t obligatory for them. Small desk-top aquariums with solely 5 gallons of water might assist one grownup male, whereas even a ten gallons-sized aquarium with 3 to five females could be efficiently stored and maintained.

Due to lighting, filtration, water-testing kits and equipment, aquariums could also be dear. However, this doesn’t need to be the case with most of these fishes. For as little as $50, you may get a 5-gallon betta tank set.

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Bringing Pets Is Not Allowed

Cats and canine are sometimes not permitted in house buildings, nevertheless some landlords enable small aquariums or fish bowls. Even when different pets are banned from college dormitories, fish are sometimes permitted. Having a canine or cat in the present day doesn’t rule out getting one sooner or later. Check the constructing guidelines in your space earlier than buying a betta.

Ease of Maintenance

They’re fairly straightforward to look after. One-third of the water ought to be eliminated whereas cleansing a betta’s tank or bowl. This permits the fish to steadily adapt to the brand new water’s temperature and pH with out disrupting the animal’s ecosystem.

For small bowls or tanks, this ought to be accomplished each three or 4 days. Adding a drop of dechlorinator to the faucet water could also be obligatory in case your water has a excessive focus of chlorine.

Furthermore, make sure that to not use any varieties of cleaning soap or disinfectants to wash the fish tank. Warm water and just a little detergent will care for the tank. You can think about using a turkey baster to take away the trash from the tank’s backside. As a outcome, ammonia ranges might be stored low, and germs might be stored at bay.

Like every little thing else, you obtain again what you give. In addition to being a fundamental pet, your betta might educate you a large number about a wide range of topics equivalent to chemistry, genetics, science, and artwork. In order to teach kids about fish care and duty, dad and mom use betta fish as instructing instruments.


After you’ve mastered the artwork of caring for bettas, you could be tempted to enter a contest. You might compete for Best in Show competitions, however keep in mind that combating bettas is unquestionably forbidden.

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Is there already a fish tank in your house? There is a widespread perception that these two fishes ought to be stored aside. Many betta fish could also be successfully housed in a communal aquarium, although only one male or one male and one feminine is really useful. These fishes could be simply stored with different variants. They’ve additionally been seen associating with different tropical species like ghost shrimp.

Online Resources Are Available

Websites, blogs, and boards on the web are only a handful of the numerous great sources obtainable in the present day for anybody who needs to learn about these fishes. There are nonetheless loads of misconceptions about betta fish on the web, however a lot of them have been addressed and changed with reliable and accountable betta fish care data.

They Are Easy To Feed

With their mouths tilted up, Bettas wish to eat from the floor of the water. Worms, shrimps, and so forth. are all good sources of protein. Preferably, you must use industrial betta meals or pellets, which embrace all three meals and different vitamins.

A frequent misunderstanding is that peace lilies or plant roots cultivated in “betta vases” can present the fish with sufficient vitamins to outlive. This assertion couldn’t be extra incorrect! In order to thrive, Bettas want a weight loss program wealthy in protein and fiber.

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Here are a Few Crucial Details

  • Bettas love water that’s barely acidic and considerably heat. Illnesses are extra possible when the physique’s immune system is weakened by publicity to chilly water.
  • Bettas sometimes have a lifespan of two to a few years, nevertheless some have lived into their twelfth and even thirteenth 12 months.

Final Word

We hope this text solutions all of your questions as to why bettas are the perfect fishes to be stored as pets for rookies. These fishes make wonderful pets as they require little to no upkeep. They have a tremendous character and you’ll simply construct a bond with them and revel in having them as your pet.


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